Excel for Archivists: Practical Training Workshops

Why Excel?

Excel can be an invaluable tool for listing archives, especially large and disordered collections. It is a powerful tool for editing and transforming data prior to import into Calm, Access or other systems. However, generic Excel training courses rarely focus on the techniques needed to work effectively with text.

About the workshops

Two one-day workshops are available:

Both workshops focus on techniques and concepts needed to work effectively with text. The emphasis is on practical skills, and the teaching material is based on genuine archive lists. The trainer, Gillian Sheldrick, is an experienced archivist and Excel enthusiast.

Since 2014, over 40 workshops have been held in locations from Dundee to Dublin, though most often in Oxford. Participants have commented: ‘Immediately usable skills’; ‘Eye opening how powerful Excel is’; ‘Tutor friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging’.

Workshop content: Essential techniques

This workshop is aimed at those with a basic knowledge of Excel, not complete beginners.

Workshop content: Data improvement and data migration

Data Improvement theme:

Data Migration theme:

This workshop is aimed particularly at archivists who have previously taken part in an ‘Essential techniques’ workshop.

What is not covered?

The workshops do not cover using excel for graphs, charts or other graphics functionality; design and layout of spreadsheets or forms; statistical analysis.

More information

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