Participants’ comments on TASC courses

Having dual presenters engendered a nice dynamic (RMBB)

Really useful, particularly in highlighting key areas … to sell whole idea to upper management (RMBB)

Sorry that I’ve now done all 3 courses and so won’t be able to attend again

Very useful course in communicating an appreciation of what archivists do (Intro)

Excellent — to be honest not sure how it could be better (Intro)

Very enjoyable and as someone very new to this it was especially informative (Intro)

An excellent day professionally delivered. Looking forward to putting it all into practice (Intro)

I’ve already worked in archives for a year, but this was great in filling in gaps and explaining the whys, the speakers were very approachable and there was a good atmosphere for participation (Intro)

A very interesting and inspiring day. Thank you! (Intro)

Thank you both, the course provided an excellent introduction … and great illustration of the “real world” by the two guest speakers (Intro)

Cemented my decision to become an archivist (Intro)

Excellent course!

Well-structured course

This has been an eye-opening exercise and one I would recommend to other archivists

Good advice for people who don’t work in rolls-royce institutions … we are always looking for low-tech/high-satisfaction solutions … found some on this course

Excellent freebies and good handouts

(About the Handouts) Very useful excellent reference material

(About the Handouts) Very impressive — an awful lot of thought had gone into these

The workshop activities were enjoyable and a good way to learn

Meeting other colleagues was very beneficial

Very useful catalogues and liked the cleaning kit

I loved having spare sheets for notes in back of the handbook!