Info-bytes and Info-shots

What are Info-bytes?

The Archive-Skills Consultancy ltd first developed Info-bytes as a teaching aid. They were a way of including important subjects in a training programme when there was not time to devote a longer presentation. An Info-byte is a succinct page of information about an aspect of archives or records management It may include some or all of the following:

  • a definition or description of the subject of the Info-byte;
  • bullet points covering the main aspects of the subject;
  • bullet points highlighting crucial points to remember; and/or
  • bullet points with details of where to get more information.

We usually allow ten minutes for an Info-byte, which usually consists of a run through of the overhead and a few questions if further clarification is needed. We also include the Info-byte in the course handbooks.

Info-bytes can be used in other ways than as overheads for teaching purposes:

  • integrate them into presentations to management and colleagues;
  • use them as a check-list to expand on for training, report writing etc.; or
  • refer to them for more information on the subject.

Available Info-bytes

We have made our Info-bytes available online, as PDF files PDF file